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Sunday, 28 May 2017 14:28

Women Speaking

Woman Compass Not Command.


A compass does not peck or prompt; it points out direction.

As my womanhood continues to unfold, I see that there is more refinement that must happen.

I used to think that men were mostly incapable of thinking on their own, that they needed uxorial prompting, but I have come to understand that was an unfair perception, so where did those beliefs come from?

From other women!

Published in Serious Minded

I was at a local hardware store with two of my dogs, and a woman came over to see them. We conversed about dogs and she told me that she was hoping to get a Tibetan Mastiff. She took out her phone and showed me a photo of one.

I commented on how beautiful those dogs were, and she said she heard that they were very expensive. I told her that they are, in fact, they are the most expensive breed of dogs in the world. She asked how much, and I told her that dog would cost 2 million dollars.

She gasped and remarked that she would “never” be able to have one of those unless “of course” she finds a rich man to marry.

Published in Serious Minded