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Thursday, 09 June 2016 19:32


Written by Flexibility

Adam or Adamant?

In her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy explains Adam as follows: “The word Adam is from the Hebrew adamah, signifying the red color of the ground, dust, nothingness. Divide the name Adam into two syllables, and it reads, a dam, or obstruction….Here a dam is not a mere play upon words; it stands for obstruction…” (338:12 XXIX-338:21)

Miriam Webster defines “adamant” as “a stone (as a diamond) formerly believed to be of impenetrable hardness; an unbreakable or extremely hard substance; not willing to change an opinion or decision;... unyielding.” The suffix “ant” signifies “a person or thing that does a specified thing” In this case I’m referring to someone who isn’t willing to change their opinion about something or who is “unyielding.” www.miriamwebster.com

In Genesis II, Adam found himself and his wife in trouble by being adamant when he failed to refuse the forbidden fruit. The very thing he needed to be unyielding about he gave in to. That one decision led him and his family to much grief and hardship and left its impression on mankind!

To know about much is wonderful, but none of us know everything; yet that doesn’t stop some from acting as a know-it-all.

Ornery and rigid thinking have prolonged and fertilized racism, sexism, economic discrimination, class discrimination, dysfunctional families and other forms of egotistical biases. They keep us in finite realms of thought, setting at variance families, communities and countries.

Opening up thought to newer and higher ways will bind-up the wounds that have lingered for generations and bring all of us to brand new experiences filled with harmony and love.

If we find ourselves stubborn, inflexible or hard to move because we believe so much that we are justified in our sanctimonious beliefs, then maybe we need to work on being more pliant and try bending a bit, rather than acting like braggarts.

It was, after all, an Adam-ant and inflexible attitude that broke down the family tree of Adam and Eve, which was left for us to heal.



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