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sharetheloveWe would love to hear from you about how love healed you, comforted you or showed up just in time, which led you and lifted you up to a better place.

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About the Foundation

To be a reminder to the world that God, who is Love, when reflected and demonstrated, heals hearts and heals lives!

We are friends and family who have joined together to share the wisdom, insight, and understanding with others, that we have acquired through our trials and tribulations.

The articles and different sections of the website reflect our perspective on how love brings harmony and healing to humanity.

Though we may not mention God in every article, we attribute our victories to God and His unending love and mercy in His son Jesus’s name.

From the spiritual interpretation of scriptural text to the works of great thinkers, we have stood on many mighty shoulders to arrive at where we are today.

Our hope is that you will challenge yourself to be more loving to yourself and to others.

Foundation of Love