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Humor & Anecdotes

Humor & Anecdotes

Protecting Your Real Worth

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Knot Between Your Pearls (Not Only Between Your Pearls)


I was given a lovely strand of pearls as a gift and was told that they were Japanese Hanadama Akoya AAA grade pearls designed by Mikimoto. The triple A signifies the highest-quality pearl, “virtually flawless.” I was overwhelmed with such a gift but accepted it shyly.

I have worn these pearls to weddings and some very formal affairs, but I was always concerned about losing them or breaking the strand, so I frequently felt the need to touch them to be certain they hadn’t fallen off my neck. (Silly I know!)

Smiling Is Better!

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The only face you should make is a smile!

I heard this great concept in a lecture by Herbert Reike, CSB (Christian Science Teacher and Practitioner). He said that he was having a conversation with a man about happiness and asked the man whether he was happy. With a long face, the man said to him, “Well, I’m happy enough.” He replied to the man, “Well, why don’t you tell your face about it?”

Facing Your Fears!

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Facing your fears! Yikes!!!!!


FEAR: Forgetting Everything About Reality

FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real


When my son was in high school, he played a video game in which the objective was for the heroine or hero to rescue the princess who was being held captive in a tower.

Before any character could get anywhere near the tower or even reach that level, they would have to gain power, courage, strength and pass many tests along the way.

Finding Kindness During Bulk Pick Up

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Finding Kindness, Not Trash

Once a month on a Friday in our neighborhood, there is a bulk pick-up day. This is when residents put out any items that they do not want anymore but don’t fit in the trash cans.

Neighborhood residents usually begin putting these unwanted items out Wednesday evening, so it is common to see people driving up and down the streets looking for something they find valuable amongst the bulk.

Back home as a child, I saw someone going through our trash one day, and I commented negatively about that to my mom. She gently corrected me by saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Following that wise idiom, she took me to a thrift store and encouraged me to find something I would wear. I rummaged through things at first with much hesitation, but then I found a sweater. I bought it for five dollars, brought it home, hand washed it, and lo and behold, it became one of my favorites.

Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime


When I first discovered Amazon, I was so impressed with the idea of being able to order just about anything from one place. This seemed like a great option to battling over parking spaces at the mall, waiting on line at stores, and feeling limited in buying options. In addition, as a Prime member, I appreciate the return policy at Amazon.

Because I have been an Amazon shopper for some time now, I have purchased items such as nail polish, fountains, pet supplies, clothing, ancient grains, laundry detergent, and much more. It is a very useful and most needed all-in-one on-line mall that has saved me from panic on many occasions when I have needed to order last minute items.

Grammar Usages Of Can, May, Or Might

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May I? Can I? Might I?


boyBoy to his mom: “Can I please have some vanilla ice cream?”

momMom: “Sure you can, but you may not!”

boy: “But I thought you said I could?”

mom: “I did!”

boy: “I don’t get it!”

mom: “‘Can”” explains that you are capable of doing something, but ‘may’ answers the question as to whether you are allowed or given permission to do something as well as signifying that it is possible that it will happen.”

boy: “So you are saying that I might be able to have some vanilla ice cream?”

mom: “You might, one day or someday when you eat all your vegetables.”

boy: “Huh?”

mom: “Something that ‘might’ happen, such as you eating all of your vegetables and then getting your vanilla ice cream, is less likely to happen, and ‘may’ suggests it is still possible and more likely, but maybe not in this case, although it just might.”

boy: “Ok, so I can eat my vegetables and finish them, then I may have the vanilla ice cream, but I might be too full because you gave me so many vegetables!”

mom: “Now you’ve got it!”


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During one of my monthly visits to my hairdresser, we ended up conversing about cultural influences and traditions.

He’s a “southerner,” I’m from the Arabic culture, and my best friend, who was with me that day, is Italian.

There was woman in the salon who began talking to my best friend – well it was really more like flirting with him – and after she left, my hairdresser, Mr. Southerner, commented that it seemed as though she really liked Mr. Italian. I concurred and explained that wherever we go, he always seems to attract someone. Mr. Southerner said, “I can see why.”


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“William Roedel Rathvon, CSB, (December 31, 1854 – March 2, 1939), sometimes incorrectly referred to as William V. Rathvon or William V. Rathbone, is the only known eyewitness to Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, of the over 10,000 witnesses, to have left an audio recording describing that experience. He made the recording in 1938, a year before his death. A graduate of Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and a successful businessman, he became a practitioner of Christian Science healing, served as a public lecturer, Church treasurer and director of The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts. He was treasurer from 1911 until he was elected to the Church's Board of Directors, on which he served from 1918 until his death in 1939. From 1908 to 1910 he was correspondence secretary for Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy. He also authored "The Devil's Auction" often republished without attribution as "The Devil's Garage Sale".


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