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Thursday, 09 June 2016 15:27


Written by Team Player

I think that animals and nature can always teach us something if we dare to learn. Let’s discover what ants can teach us.

Such a small thing an ant is, but don’t let that fool you because they sure can build big ideas!

Have you ever been faced with ants in your house? They seem to show up in groups!

Speaking about groups of ants, the biggest ant colony in the world used to be in Japan made up of 306 million workers, 1 million queens and 45,000 nests. A “massive supercolony was found in Southern Europe – built by Argentine ants.”1 That was more than 3700 miles long, including billions of worker ants along with millions of nests. The distance between Mexico to Alaska! Okay that’s amazing!

Living and working together as a unit is a demonstration of strength in numbers. “...it was discovered that the biggest Japanese, Californian and European Argentine ant supercolonies were in fact part of a single global ‘megacolony’. That means, they live in a global network just like us humans. Two ants from this ‘megacolony’, no matter how far apart they lived from one another, never fought each other. They were all part of the same group of ‘buddies’.”2

“Buddies!” That’s something.

Joining together in one accord is a great lesson to learn from ants. Banding together harmoniously, “a league of their own,” if you will, playing on the same team to accomplish the good for all is most certainly a useful and productive concept.

There is however, one thing I would like to point out. Once the queen ant mates with the males to produce more females, the males die soon afterwards, so maybe we should leave that out of the lesson from ants!


Amazing Ant Facts

1, 2 Biggest Animal-Made Structures in the World

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