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Friday, 02 October 2015 21:44

Facing Your Fears!

Written by Student

Facing your fears! Yikes!!!!!


FEAR: Forgetting Everything About Reality

FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real


When my son was in high school, he played a video game in which the objective was for the heroine or hero to rescue the princess who was being held captive in a tower.

Before any character could get anywhere near the tower or even reach that level, they would have to gain power, courage, strength and pass many tests along the way.

In the beginning the player could pick the character they wanted to be. Each had basic similarities. For example: they were all human, each with a special ability, potential for greatness and they all commenced at the same mark so that each one had equal abilities to succeed.

The game challenged each player to go from the starting point to higher levels, but only after defeating a variety of demons and monsters.

Each time they defeated a demon or monster, the player acquired gold coins which they could use to purchase larger and more effective weapons or potions. Every time a character drank the potion, the character grew in size, making it easier to debacle the enemy.

The better equipped the characters, the better their chances of destroying the enemy, thereby getting closer to the tower to set the princess free.

I want to point out that back then I wasn’t very good at this game and though I got very close to the tower, I wasn’t able to free the princess. Each time I climbed another level, it became more and more difficult not to slide back to where I began.

Comparing myself to others players who were much better than I discouraged me and having to start over again was, needless to say, very trying. But what really caught my attention was how I was influenced into believing that running or hiding from the demons and monsters would get me closer to my goal.

The incident that prompted me to this realization was when a friend with whom we were playing shouted, “Run, or you will be killed!” when they saw that I was being confronted by a demon. I immediately pressed the button on my controller that moved my character in the opposite direction of the enemy. In an instant, my character turned into smoke then disappeared. I discovered that I was back at the beginning and had to start all over again!

After doing this repeatedly (no judging; we’ve all been there!), following yet again my friend’s cry to retreat, my son said to me, “Mom, if you keep running from the demons you’ll never beat them. Use the weapons you’ve gathered along the way, like your potion that makes you bigger, faster and stronger, and take that demon out!”

I took his counsel and really focused. I held the controller with more confidence and ended up annihilating that demon, which gave me the poise to face another and another. After defeating many evils I was now ascending!

I realized that avoiding the very thing that I needed to face and overcome didn’t lead me to higher levels but rather forced me in reverse.

Eventually, I was able to join the other players who had already reached a higher plane and we were all faced with a very, very large and threatening monster. It took all the firepower we had along with synergy to defeat it and though we weren’t successful the first several times because one of us was always making a mistake (okay, it was me!) I didn’t give up nor did anyone give up on me.

After several attempts, we finally demolished the monster and off we went to yet another higher level. Eventually, my son rescued the princess (I was hoping they would marry) and he was made the hero.

Facing fears, demonic thoughts, and monstrous challenges are no easy tasks and they require much courage, determination and strength to overcome.

At times we will find that we have to go it alone and other times the help we need from others is vital. But no matter what the intimidation, no matter how large or fierce it seems to be, if we don’t face it and defeat it, sooner or later, one way or the other we will end up repeating it.

By the way, this princess eventually got free from the tower of fear and has since learned to keep a great distance from the monsters and demons who locked her in that tower. Last I knew, she’s really been doing her best to live happily ever after!

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