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Tuesday, 17 November 2015 13:01

Healing a Broken Heart

If I Only Had Some Oil.

There have been many interpretations, allegories and metaphors of “The Wizard of Oz” that refer to the political and economic social events in America during the 1890s. Along with those are some religious allegories.

When I think about this classic movie, many ideas come to mind, but in this particular article I would like to focus on one character, the “Tin Man.”

When Dorothy, Toto and the Scarecrow’s path crosses the Tin Man’s in the forest, they find him rusted and unable to move. The Tin Man tries to tell Dorothy that there’s a can of oil nearby, but she doesn’t understand him because his mouth is rusted shut, so Scarecrow interprets for him. Dorothy gets the can of oil and asks Tin Man where she should oil him first. Once again she cannot discern what he’s saying and again Scarecrow interprets, telling Dorothy to oil the Tin Man’s mouth. After she oils his mouth she continues to lubricate the Tin Man’s joints and little by little he regains movement.

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