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Sunday, 12 January 2020 17:31

Affliction From Love

Written by Maiden Survivor and Overcomer


Love detected a precious heart
and offered its shield and sanctuary
Naiveté of a sightless maiden fell captive to its sway,
oblivious to its beguiling ways.
Charming and inducing was he,
with a sonorous tongue that was entrancing
Opulence empowered his animation,
while variation of his spirit entertained the masses.
People assembled to hear his clamor
and quest the endorsement of his game
His maiden, bantam and modest,
put on heirs to carry his name
Blissful moments encouraged the fair one
as he enticed her with his treasures
Fortuitous events embarked on their beings;
Hence, the ugliness of corruption directed their pleasures.

Arduous days of vagueness,
Endless nights of desertion,
plagued the maiden's mind.
Expectations of a better life
were running out of time.
Thoughts of fleeing consumed her utterly as
she lay forlorn in her bed.
Gazing into her newborn's eyes,
fortuity laid ahead.
Request of kith was purposeless;
only riches were their devotion
Friends acquiesce that eminence
was quite an expensive emotion
As time passed by and abrasions arose,
the splendor of the maiden evolved into ugliness
Persisting defiled events polluted the once resplendent picture,

into lewd and ungodliness
No more affable dreams for her to sleep
The prospect of amity has departed.

The credulous prince’s beginnings were spurious,
his princess broken-hearted

The wheals of years in turmoil will reside upon her soul.

The rape of her integrity,
the prudence that he stole
Thoughts will drift and ponder, "if and why"
over and over again,
yet ease will override all doubt,
Gladdened! no more wounds need mend

Serenity at last

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