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Tuesday, 13 February 2018 13:18

After Being Homeless

Written by Established

From Roaming to Homing

At first glance of a gloomy picture
Everything seemed to be wrong,
I was hopelessly homeless and void
of what I had desired, for so long.

Tears consumed most of my face, and fears kept me feeling much disgrace,
yet all the while as I acted this lie out
still a small voice within me began to shout
and inspire me to pray about
this affair with evil that had to end,
so that I could recognize that Truth, Life, and Love were my friends.

Each time I’d try to change the picture of thought,
error would scream and tell me not
to think that I could ever have a home,
that thoughts of being “established” would forever roam about a circular earth,
that was dusty, desolate, and dearth.

“This can’t be true!” I shouted back at the liar.
I kept this up until I felt myself tire,
but even at that, I found strength through prayer
to finally agree that the lie would end here!

So I gave up the poor-stricken idea
and enriched my thinking which scattered the fear.
Now there was room in my thoughts for the place
already prepared for me by His grace.

I began to pack and get rid of the old,
“Was this a move in thought?” I wondered. It was certainly bold!

Within a few months, all our ducks were in a row
And the agent that helped us was ready to show
us beautiful houses lined up in a row.

I knew I would know which one was for us.
There was no need to get anxious or worry or fuss, and there it was, on a large corner lot,
willing, ready, and able to be bought.

Sought by those who dare to live
as Christ followers with much to give.

This isn’t the end; it is only the beginning.
The house keeps growing,
So we know its never ending
purpose is to share
 what we have received
to those who come seeking the Christ as an answer to their needs.

So, if by chance you pass a beautiful house on a corner lot
in a sunny place,
where you can spot
iguanas at play
as palm trees sway,
and flowers bloom
which surround these rooms,
while hymns play as His children pray
where it never gets dark
and the angels hearken,
do stop in.
“All are welcome!”

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