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Wednesday, 10 August 2016 13:15

Handling Depression

Written by Friend

A once happy man became worried and sad.
So he went out for a drink.

He told the man beside him at the bar that he was on the brink.
That man advised, swim or sink.

Another shot of booze the sad man had.
And left the bar a drunken cad.

Darkness arrived and covered the sad man as he was stumbling down the street.
And big hands from that darkness reached for the man to keep him on his feet.

Sad man turned to the darkness; “Who are you?” he asked.
Eerie red eyes glowed out from the darkness. Sad man was aghast!

A deep voice followed the darkness, “Meet me for lunch tomorrow at noon.”
He then continued, “At the Devil’s Hub Saloon.”

Hypnotized by the voice, sad man met darkness for lunch.
They talked and talked and talked a lot but didn’t say much.

Day after day, they met at the saloon.
And sad man was looking more and more like a buffoon.

One-day sad man saw a good friend,
His friend said, “Man, I have been looking for you. Where have you been?”

Sad man told him where he goes every day.
And friend said, “That’s no good. Dine with me today.”

Sad man asked his friend, “What about the darkness?”
Friend said, “Don’t worry. Darkness couldn’t care less.”

Friend took sad man to Café Cheer.
It was a bright, joy-filled, and loving atmosphere.

They talked, laughed, and exchanged ideas.
Soon sad man forgot about all his fears.

After many days of being together,
The man who was sad was now all better.

He learned a great lesson from this whole ordeal.
Sadness really needs to be healed.

So don’t converse with darkness at the Devil’s Hub.
His influence in you he will drub.

Instead, call a friend and talk of love.
The raven will leave the room; then enters the dove.

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