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Tuesday, 07 June 2016 20:49


Written by Mother


O, hear the voice of angels

speaking through the wind.

Love’s illuminating all,

even man who sinned.

Never far away is He,

though distance may seem real.

Within you dwells your living God,

whose presence always heals.

For God is all,

and nothing less will He ever do

But guide you, love you, protect you, and lift your thoughts anew.

Wipe the salty water from your tender, supple cheek

and lift your voice to answer back:

I am strong,

I am whole,

I am never weak.

Shout it out, “I hear you God!

You’ve called my name.

I lift my thoughts to you!”

For I believe there’s only one

I need to answer to.

I’m prepared and ready now,

I have what I need to win.

I am the victor and the light

Guided by the angel voice within.

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