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Wednesday, 24 May 2017 21:33


Written by Mother

Mothers; Your Baby Can Hear You!


Doctors used to believe that when a baby is forming in its mother’s womb, it was unable to hear sounds. However, now as science often corrects itself, doctors are aware that, as the baby is developing, it hears.

This knowledge is worth listening to!

It places a much greater responsibility on the mother as to what her baby should hear. Though the uterus is not very quiet with all the varying noises from the mother’s body that that the baby hears, the fact that the baby can hear sounds is the concern. Whatever sounds the mother is subjected to, the baby is subjected to, and when the baby hears loud noises, he or she will move around in the uterus, and the mom might even feel a kick or two. Once the mom gives birth, the baby recognizes the voice of its mother.

William Fifer, Ph.D, discovered during a study that babies could identify their mother’s voices over another woman’s. By sucking their pacifiers at a certain rhythm, the babies could activate a recording of either their mom’s voice or another woman’s. The babies quickly learned what rhythm turned on a tape recording of their mother’s voice. He said, “This not only points out a newborn's innate love for his mother's voice but also a baby's unique ability to learn quickly.”1

In the book Science and Health with Keys to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, theologian and author, wrote, “A mother is the strongest educator, either for or against crime. Her thoughts form the embryo of another…”

The mother seems to be most influential person in a baby’s life, especially in the fetal stage.

It is nothing new that pregnancy is a very big responsibility, but with this new data that a baby listens, being a good mother does not just require carrying the baby—it requires a healthy state of mind.

I am not intentionally leaving dads out of this picture, nor do I mean that dads are not important, but studies do indicate that the fetus does not hear the dad’s voice.2

For women, this means that harmony, peaceful thoughts, and love need to be at the helm of consciousness. David Mendez, MD, a neonatologist, says that expectant mothers should communicate with their babies often and create a chemical and stress free environment for the baby. He added, “Avoid screaming, yelling, and other violent language.”3

I have to iterate this. “Avoid screaming, yelling and other violent language.”

In the gospel of Luke 1:41, it is written that “41 And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost:” (KJV)

When we contemplate the behavior of children, as difficult as this may seem to be, we must look at our own character to find the answers.

Yes, children grow up and also have the responsibility of choosing what kind of person they want to be regardless of what their moms and dads did or did not do, but it is quite unfair if we are not giving them a healthy start because of our own emotional issues.

If you are not ready to speak to your baby with loving-kindness in your voice, then maybe waiting to have a child is better than doing harm.

A child who was never procreated is better off than a child who has been hated.


KJV - King James Version


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3 Ibid.

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