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Wednesday, 24 May 2017 21:33


Mothers; Your Baby Can Hear You!


Doctors used to believe that when a baby is forming in its mother’s womb, it was unable to hear sounds. However, now as science often corrects itself, doctors are aware that, as the baby is developing, it hears.

This knowledge is worth listening to!

It places a much greater responsibility on the mother as to what her baby should hear. Though the uterus is not very quiet with all the varying noises from the mother’s body that that the baby hears, the fact that the baby can hear sounds is the concern. Whatever sounds the mother is subjected to, the baby is subjected to, and when the baby hears loud noises, he or she will move around in the uterus, and the mom might even feel a kick or two. Once the mom gives birth, the baby recognizes the voice of its mother.

Published in Serious Minded

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