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Wednesday, 24 May 2017 19:48

Women Can Be Financially Independent of Men

Written by Woman

I was at a local hardware store with two of my dogs, and a woman came over to see them. We conversed about dogs and she told me that she was hoping to get a Tibetan Mastiff. She took out her phone and showed me a photo of one.

I commented on how beautiful those dogs were, and she said she heard that they were very expensive. I told her that they are, in fact, they are the most expensive breed of dogs in the world. She asked how much, and I told her that dog would cost 2 million dollars.

She gasped and remarked that she would “never” be able to have one of those unless “of course” she finds a rich man to marry.

I politely reminded her that she doesn’t need to find a rich man—she just needs to become a rich woman.

Are we women really still believing that we need a man with money in order to live a rich lifestyle?

Sadly, I think we are!

One hundred sixty-seven females in the world are billionaires, and 57% of women participate in the work force.

“About 15 percent of American millionaires are self-made women, BMO said, while the rest got their fortune from marriage or inheritance,” writes Robert Frank at CNBC.com.1

So of all the richest people in the entire world, 10% are women! The percentages are broken down beginning with the country that has the most female millionaires: Portugal—23.8 percent, Philippines—21.0 percent, Peru—18.3 percent, Hong Kong—18.0 percent and Turkey—17.4 percent, Netherlands—5.9 percent, Russia—5.7 percent, Mexico—5.3 percent Saudi Arabia—3.8 percent and Japan—3.7 percent.2

There is no doubt that we women have made great strides over the past 25 years, but why stop now? We still have a long way to go in order to demonstrate our true capabilities, but with primitive ideals such as that of the woman at the hardware store, progress will be prolonged.

The notion that women are incomplete beings who need a man’s income in order to find worth, value, and security is self-depreciating and demeaning. This kind of thinking constricts the further movement regarding equal rights for women and sets it backwards to an antiquated era.

I have both worked with and worked for wonderful men who are not financially wealthy who have shared with me that most women they meet are looking for a “sugar daddy.” Some of the first questions women ask them are what their portfolio looks like or how much their yearly salary is. These groups of men have exclaimed that many women’s concepts of a true relationship are both “shallow and unrealistic.”

I have also heard many women say that they “wished” they could find a rich man to take care of them. In fact, I happen to live in an area where it is not uncommon to see very wealthy older men with much younger women. Sadly, these women are labeled “gold diggers.”

The primitive idea that has been passed down over the generations that women are not equal to men along with the reinforcement of gender bias has hampered womanhood.

Instead of planning to catch a rich man, contemplate becoming a surgeon. Instead of cooking up ways to get pregnant in order to trap a man into marrying you, become a chef. And for the women who are selling themselves cheaply, consider raising your standards to priceless!

Maybe we women underestimate the power of womanhood and our enormous capabilities, and as we continue to empower men, the power of femininity is attenuated.

In the gospel of Luke 8:48, it is written that Jesus said to the woman who had an issue of blood, “And he said to her, ‘Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace’” (ESV). The fact that He called her daughter suggests that we come from royalty, and this text is supported in Genesis 1:27: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”(ESV)

We women possess the qualities of Spirit; strength, courage, tenacity, intelligence, resilience, and ingenuity. Seeking from within to engage womanhood with amplitude, talent, energy, and prudence will allow us far greater opportunities to manifest independence and prosperity!


ESV-English Standard Version

1 “How Many Female Millionaires Are There?” How Many Female Millionaires Are There? Accessed September 19, 2016. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/many-female-millionaires-150000024.html.

2 Kirkova, Deni. “Why Aren’t There More Female Millionaires? Women Make up Just 10% of World’s Richest - but in Portugal Percentage Leaps to 23%.” Mail Online. 2013. Accessed September 19, 2016. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2511277/Why-arent-female-millionaires-Women-make-just-10-worlds-richest--Portugal-percentage-leaps-23.html.

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