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Tuesday, 07 August 2018 17:14

Worthy of Love

Written by Love’s Idea

In many instances, we find ourselves faced with handling the calamity of our past. The web of memories that occupy our consciousness leaves us frozen in times gone by, disabling us, confusing us, and guiding us in directions confounded.

Thoughts echo in our minds that fuel the horrors of our past and give pinions to new fears not yet experienced, even though they wait at the door of thought to be employed.

No one has told you that you are worthy of love. There’s not a whisper nor a hint of love that has begun to fill your heart, your consciousness, so the darkness has found its home. This is the voice you have been accustomed to hearing and obeying, so the highest thought you have entertained is self-hate and self-abuse.

The wheel spins as you are trapped in the confines of what seems to be an endless cycle of mental torment and emotional chaos, but where’s the release button that stops the pattern and sets one free?

There is a way to get off that spinning wheel of torture and begin to embrace the idea that you are a loving being who is worthy of peace and love and who is  beginning to consider, if for a moment at a time, that the world needs you.

At first, it might seem very awkward to even contemplate such a thought; in fact, you might resist it so much that it makes you angry to even think you could be loved and that you are a benefit to the world, but if you can drum up the courage to say to yourself, “I am loved,” and then say it again, and then again, several times a day, a hundred times a day, and then in everything you do, you will arrive at a new destination in consciousness.

Though the work is just beginning for you to discover your loving and lovable self, you have begun rightly!


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